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#72ozmeat! And some random kid that wanted to take a photo with me. If you eat this whole steak plus the sides you get your meal for free! It’s a mighty challenge that I will one day par take in!  (at Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen)
So #awesome! #doctorwho #selfie (at Waldens Puss Palace)
My lady love @courtbop
I finally won at #monopoly!!!!!!!!! #thunderdome style! Great game @courtbop @baronofhotsauce  @discorddesign @jane_deer  (at Vacasa Rentals: Bayocean Retreat)
You don’t even know! @amy__gan #cardsagainsthanity (at Vacasa Rentals: Bayocean Retreat)
The most magical place on earth! (at Fred Meyer)
@courtbop says she doesn’t want me to have a beard. FINE! Now this is happening! #mustache only from now one! #ballswag #ballerstatus  (at Waldens Puss Palace)
It’s an #iroaiden kind of day! I wish I could listen to this at work!  (at Pearl District)
It’s time to wake up for work! #normajean  (at Moda Center at The Rose Quarter)
Radio aka @byunbyunbun’s cat #luna just hanging out being best friends  (at Waldens Puss Palace)