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Some photos I took for a candidate running for state rep. ended up in pamphlets, a website and two news papers! Super exciting! #susanmclaincampaign @courtbop  (at Alberta Neighborhood, Portland OR)
Looks like you lose boston! #thornsfc @courtbop  (at Providence Park)
The game is tied 3-3. Let’s go #thornsfc @courtbop  (at Providence Park)
Watching the #Portlandthorns game with @courtbop #pdxthorns (at Providence Park)
#penelopethegremlin being super #adorable! @courtbop  (at Waldens Puss Palace)
This is for either celebration, or sadness. #worldcup2014  (at Buffalo Wild Wings)
@courtbop watching the #worldcup2014  with no goals to either team!  (at Buffalo Wild Wings)
#penelopethegremlin looks very concerned!  (at Waldens Puss Palace)
This is where I was, where were you? The water was sooooo clear and there were chipmunks and salamanders and some lady got completely naked. #ballerstatus #dumpyrucks #ballswag (at Buck Lake)

#bestdayever got to see a chipmunk! So damn adorable! @robotlegs (at Mount Hood National Forest)